Heel Pain Treatment

Do you have sore heels?

Have you noticed any strange pain in the back of your heel? This might mean that you’ve injured or overused it and, based on the severity of the issue, the discomfort may range from mild to severe pain. Whether or not you suspect the potential cause of the problem, in order to treat it as efficiently as possible, it is best to turn to a professional.

Here at South Coast Sports Podiatry, we had the opportunity to encounter a range of heel-related issues and can now proudly say that we managed to come up with the best treatment plans for each patient who came our way and achieve the best possible results.


The heel is the largest bone in your body. Through life, you are likely to experience heel-related pain as a result of:

  • Sprain, which can occur due to a physical or sports activity and the pain can range from mild to serious, depending on the intensity of the injury.
  • Fracture, that is, a broken heel bone.
  • Bursitis, a condition diagnosed in people who struggle with fluid-filled sacs which occur around the areas where muscle tissues and tendons meet bones.
  • Reactive arthritis, a form of arthritis caused by an infection.
    Achilles tendonitis which occurs when the tendon becomes inflamed due to overuse or injury.
  • Plantar fasciitis that happens when too much pressure is put on the feet, which then results in the plantar fascia ligament.
  • Calcaneal Apophysitis, also known as Severs Disease (not a disease!) in children.
Bottom of foot showing the heel.

What to expect from our heel pain treatment

In some cases, usually, when it comes to sports injuries, you may be able to determine the cause of the issue. However, sometimes the pain in the back of the heel can seem to come out of nowhere. We here at South Coast Sports Podiatry have equipped our clinic with the most advanced tools for diagnostics. We will take our time to get to know you, provide an in-depth examination of your heel and determine with a high degree of accuracy the source of the issue.
Now, we know that a multitude of factors influences the treatment plan, like your physical state, lifestyle, cause of the pain, the severity of the problem, etc. Taking all of the important factors into consideration, our podiatrist could potentially propose:

  • Rest and icing
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Anti-inflammatory medications
  • Change of footwear
  • Heel lifts, inserts, or splints
  • Strength and conditioning regime

If none of the above suffices, we usually recommend physical therapy that can help strengthen the muscles and tendons, which not only helps you heal but minimises the chances of any future injuries.
Postponing an analysis and heel pain treatment can result in chronic pain that can last for years or even trigger another, more serious issue. Considering, we strongly advise you to turn to us as soon as you notice redness, swelling or severe pain that prevents you from walking.

Why A podiatrist?

Podiatrists are university qualified practitioners who specialise in treating conditions involving the entire lower limb, and more specifically, the feet. We can help treat any of the following and more.

What You Get?

Top-quality treatment that is backed by the most recent research and state of the art equipment that is found nowhere else in the Illawarra and South Coast.

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