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South Coast Sports Podiatry was established with the aim to provide exceptional and professional podiatry services that will help people ease pain and discomfort, as well as treat some of the more serious podiatry conditions as effectively and cost-efficiently as possible.

In our clinic, we welcome anyone who seeks Medicare-funded podiatry service, or anyone who has obtained a DVA Gold Card referral. Below, you will find more information about DVA podiatry and Medicare podiatry treatment, which services these plans cover, and in which situations additional fees are required.


Medicare covers necessary podiatry services that patients require to diagnose or treat a certain podiatry-related medical condition. These may include bunions, heel spurs, hammertoes, and some other deformities, but note that certain services may not be covered by Medicare, like an x-ray.


Feel free to contact South Coast Sports Podiatry team for more information on the problems that we can treat at our clinic under your Medicare plan. The rules of coverage are specific and patients should inform themselves about what it encompasses to avoid any unpleasant situations.

We accept and welcome any new Medicare patients who are on an Enhanced Primary Care plan which is initiated by their GP.

The Enhanced Primary Care plan is a program run under Medicare that allows patients 5 visits annually to any allied health practitioner. Make note that the 5 visits refer to all disciplines and not 5 for each discipline individually (i.e. 2 for Podiatry, 3 for Osteopathy or all 5 for Podiatry).

We can no longer Bulk Bill patients under the Enhanced Primary Care plan that visit the clinic, however any costs involved are kept manageable and low. If you require a home visit due to age, disability or mobility issues, then we charge a $25 call-out fee. South Coast Sports Podiatry services all areas between Unanderra (to the west) and Port Kembla (to the east) down to Gerringong.

Please note that if a specific in clinic treatment consists of shockwave treatment, acupuncture or in-depth gait analysis, then a $25 gap will be applicable.


We also accept and welcome any Department of Veterans Affairs gold card holder and applicable white card holders. If you are a gold card holder, only services that are clinically needed are funded, and white card holders can schedule to treat a podiatry condition that is a result of a war or service-related injury.

There are no additional fees for DVA patients, however, we ask that you obtain a referral from your GP before attending. In some cases, patients may need to obtain approval from DVA as well to be certain that their treatment will be covered by the system.

At SCSP, we deliver all DVA patients services that include diagnosis, routine checkups, selected surgeries, and necessary physical therapy. If necessary, we may prescribe the appropriate medical-grade footwear, orthoses, or modifications.


Why A podiatrist?

Podiatrists are university qualified practitioners who specialise in treating conditions involving the entire lower limb, and more specifically, the feet. We can help treat any of the following and more.

What You Get?

Top-quality treatment that is backed by the most recent research and state of the art equipment that is found nowhere else in the Illawarra and South Coast.

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Contact South Coast Sports Podiatry team for further clarification – we are happy to answer any questions you may have about DVA, Medicare and podiatry treatment.