Orthotic Therapy

Orthoses (Orthotics, innersoles etc..) can help with a number of musculoskeletal conditions stemming from abnormal biomechanics.

Despite what the general population thinks, orthoses don’t “stop” your arches from collapsing (over pronation) – think of them more as a device that controls the motion and force placed upon them (your foot, bodyweight, gravity) and distributes it more evenly across the foot while stabilising it and controlling motion further up the lower limb too.

There is also a bit of a thought bubble out there that just because you have pronating/flat feet – MUST have orthoses. This certainly isn’t the case. While, yes, flexible/flat/pronating feet do and can lead to soft tissue injuries and repetitive stress problems – each person should be assessed on a case by case basis.

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

Our orthotics are made using state of the art 3D scanning systems and are 100% customised to the individual. This provides an orthotic that will accommodate your foot precisely – leading to, more often than not, pain free introduction to orthotic therapy.


We also offer two other options if we deem it unneccesary that a fully customised device is needed or cost is a consideration.

  • Semi customised polypropolene orthoses are made from a template and only a handful of options are customisable. This is a good option if all you are looking for is “support” or if you have a teen with trouble feet and they grow (and grow and GROW!) out of the orthoses too quickly to warrant repeated the fully customised option.


  • Semi customised, light EVA innersoles come as a generic device that can be heat moulded. They are good for general support and for people who may need extra cushioning that can’t warrant the full expense of a customised device. They are quite bulky so sometimes are not a good option for people with low volume shoes.