Podopaediatrics (Podiatry for Children)

Caring for little feet

Children are little mysteries at the best of times. In the medical world, it’s no different!

There are a number of very common conditions that children from 12 months can suffer from, most of which can be treated successfully and easily.

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When should I take my child to a podiatrist?

When a child complains of feet-related problems, a parent has to take the issue rather seriously, especially if they complain about the same pain for more than a few days. If left untreated, a foot problem can lead to more serious complications and leave life-long consequences.

However, it is important to note that we don’t mean a parent should panic as soon as their child comes to them with a problem. As they grow, some children tend to experience mild pain or discomfort. But if the condition persists, you are advised to pay a visit to a children’s podiatry clinic.

Generally speaking, the younger your child is, the quicker they will be able to treat the problem if the appropriate therapy is prescribed. Considering, we here at South Coast Sports Podiatry urge you to come to us as early as possible to diagnose your child’s foot condition and start the treatment immediately, if necessary.

Most Common Podiatry Children’s Foot Problems

Some of the most common podiatry children’s foot problems include:

  • High-arched feet
  • Flat/pronated feet
  • Bowlegs
  • Knock knees
  • In-toeing, toe-walking or pigeon-toed walk
  • Growing pains in their legs
  • Pain in their heel (Calcaneal Apophysitis)
  • Pain in their knees
  • Sports-related injuries and pain
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Whether your child will develop any of the podiatry-related issues listed above depends on their physical state, how fast they are growing, whether they are playing any sports and many other factors.

Nevertheless, if you notice that they are struggling with recurring pain, schedule an appointment with a podopaediatrics professional.

Why our children's podiatry clinic?

South Coast Sports Podiatry is a well-equipped children’s podiatry clinic that utilises the most advanced diagnostic equipment to discover and treat the most common podiatry children foot problems. For years now, we have been the go-to professionals in the area, due to our exceptional knowledge and outstanding services.

Our Point of Difference

What sets us apart from everyone else is the fact that we understand that the diagnostic process and treatment can be a bit scary for children, especially younger ones. We are kind and patient, and always take the time to explain to both parents and the children what they can expect. We do our best to prepare you for the course of treatment and make sure that everything goes by as efficiently and pain-free as possible.

Get in touch

Call us on the phone or send us an email and someone will be right with you to discuss the issue your child is struggling with. We will schedule an in-person appointment to examine them and determine the best treatment method that will help them recover and prevent any long-term consequences.